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WiFi without internet on a Southwest flight

jamesbvaughan.com — I spent a recent flight finding out what I could do with a connection to the flight’s wifi, but without access to the internet. WIFI, 1

What codegen is (actually) good for

figma.comWHAT, 2

RZK: Experimental proof assistant for synthetic ∞-categories

github.com — An experimental proof assistant based on a type theory for synthetic ∞-categories. RZK, 3

What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole? (2019)

arxiv.org — arXivLabs is a framework that allows collaborators to develop and share new arXiv features directly on our website. WHAT, 4

Universities have disinvested from their presses just as much as their libraries

publicbooks.org — At the university press where I work as an acquisitions editor, my email inbox is a reminder of how much authors care about their books—and with good reason. Scholarly books are the culmination of years of intensive research, writing, and revision, often with major personal and professional stakes. They are labors of love and many other feelings, too: excitement, anxiety, frustration. Many are written in hopes of getting a full-time faculty position, tenure and therefore long-term job security, or promotion. But that’s not always the case or the result, especially given the brutal adjunctification of the academic workforce. I wrote my own university press monograph while working full-time outside academia and hoping—for a while at least—to get a tenure-track job. That was before I started ... UNIVERSITIES, 5

FreeRDP: A remote desktop protocol implementation

freerdp.com — FreeRDP is a free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), released under the Apache license. Enjoy the freedom of using your software wherever you want, the way you want it, in a world where interoperability can finally liberate your computing experience. Matrix:#FreeRDP:matrix.org IRC (bridged to matrix): #freerdp on oftc Download Now! FREERDP, 6

WebGPU Technical Report

googlesource.com — Authors: tiszka@chromium.org, bookholt@chromium.org, mattdr@chromium.org WEBGPU, 7

Airliner Repair, 24/7 Boeing’s traveling fix-it team (2008)

smithsonianmag.com — Boeing’s traveling fix-it team has one goal: Get it airborne. AIRLINER, 8

Snap cuts 170 jobs after closing AR Enterprise service division

techcrunch.com — Snap is closing down a division of its company designed to offer its AR expertise to enterprise customers. The initiative, called AR Enterprise Service, or ARES, was announced in March of this year, and included a Shopping Suite for brands that allowed them to access AR try-on features, a 3D viewer for looking at a product from multiple angles, fit and sizing recommendation technology and an enterprise manager where brands could host and manage all digital assets. SNAP, 9

Inhibition of fatty acid oxidation enables heart regeneration in adult mice

nature.com — Nature (2023)Cite this article INHIBITION, 10

Why does trying to break into the NT 3.1 kernel reboot my 486DX4 machine?

stackexchange.com — I installed Windows NT 3.1 on a Compaq ProSignia 3080 system, because of several reasons: I know that this machine was running Windows NT 3.1 when it was in productive use. And I think this machine was one of the machines Microsoft explicitly targeted with Windows NT. For improved performance, I maxed out the RAM at 128MB and swapped the socketed Intel 486DX-33 by an AMD enhanced 486DX4-SV8B (write-back cache and SMM) in a voltage adapter socket. I postponed dealing with BIOS support for 486DX4 processors, and jumpered the processor to a 2x multiplier. Without chipset support for L1 write-back and with a 2x multiplier, the processor is supposed to be software compatible to the Intel 80486DX2-66, which is a supported option for that system. WHY, 11

As We May Think (1945)

theatlantic.com — “Consider a future device …  in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.” MAY, 12

Upcycled Bicycle Panniers DIY

rackhackers.com — Discarded plastic cans are an environmentally conscious and self-empowering way of carrying stuff, and that is important to us, but in the end we are really here for panniers that we can trust and enjoy using. UPCYCLED, 13

Tao Te Ching

taoism.net — The above is the most accurate translation of the ancient classic available anywhere at any price. We are glad to make it a free download for everyone, thanks to special permission from the publisher of Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained, which contains much more than just the translation, for those who wish to delve deeper. TAO, 14

Interactive GCC (igcc) is a read-eval-print loop (REPL) for C/C++

github.com — Interactive GCC - C/C++ REPL. GCC, 15

Fairphone 4 with /e/OS by Murena now available at fairphone.com

fairphone.com — Everything that makes Fairphone 4 a great choice, now with added privacy. This Fairphone 4 (Grey, 128GB) runs on the open-source "/e/OS" operating system. Add the 5G speed, a 5-year warranty and our commitment to people & planet and you've got the real deal. FAIRPHONE, 16

A Comparison of ARM Cortex-A Series Processor Performance Classifications

forlinx.net — In today's era of electronics, brands or appearances alone are no longer enough to tell the pros and cons of a product, and its built-in processors are naturally one of the criteria for distinguishing whether a product is high-end. So today we might as well take a good look at the more mainstream RAM processors in electronics in recent years. COMPARISON, 17

That's a Lot of YAML

noyaml.com — # Made with 💖 by https://ghuntley.com after one too many CustomResourceDefinitions # Improvements welcome, mash the ↗️ Octocat ↗️ and share how YAML makes your life better. No: Body: Wants: To: Write: - YAML # 🤔 Why YAML is the right devops technology for you 🤔 # # - 100% test coverage, always compiles just fine with no errors or warnings, always shippable # - no enforced error handling during development because runtime "panic at the disco" in production is dope # - "something broke" is way better than stack traces with line numbers # - you need to burn hours as part of setting up a new CI pipeline # - safe choice with unquestionable industry adoption, "used by kubernetes" # - is marginally better than windows.ini # - unlike json [1], YAML supports comments # - no official documentati... THAT, 18

Cloudflare is now powering Microsoft Edge Secure Network

cloudflare.com — Between third-party cookies that track your activity across websites, to highly targeted advertising based on your IP address and browsing data, it's no secret that today’s Internet browsing experience isn’t as private as it should be. Here at Cloudflare, we believe everyone should be able to browse the Internet free of persistent tracking and prying eyes. CLOUDFLARE, 19

Scientists unveil fire-safe fuel

ucr.edu — It won’t burn without electric current SCIENTISTS, 20

Lisp Badge LE

technoblogy.com — This is a self-contained low-power computer with its own display and keyboard that you can program in uLisp, a version of the high-level language Lisp for microcontrollers: LISP, 21

Switzerland has lost 10% of its glaciers in the last two years

euronews.com — Glaciers across the entire country were affected, with those in southern and eastern Switzerland melting almost as much this year as in the record year of 2022. SWITZERLAND, 22

Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They Are from Nigeria? [pdf]

microsoft.comWHY, 23

Ask HN: Lessons learned from implementing user-facing analytics / dashboards?

news.ycombinator.com — We're currently writing an article about this. LESSONS, 24

Prophetic Perfect Tense

wikipedia.org — The prophetic perfect tense is a literary technique used in the Bible that describes future events that are so certain to happen that they are referred to in the past tense as if they had already happened.[1] PROPHETIC, 25

Why are websites requesting access to motion sensors on my desktop? (2019)

grantwinney.com — I was checking the status of a FedEx order when Brave warned me that "this site has been blocked from accessing your motion sensors". I'm struggling to understand why a website would need that access. Do I get a different experience if I drop my device? Tip my monitor over? Spin the mouse around? WHY, 26

Uiua: A minimal stack-based, array-based language

uiua.org — A stack-oriented array programming language UIUA, 27

Function Composition in Programming Languages [video]

youtube.com — AboutPressCopyrightContact usCreatorsAdvertiseDevelopersTermsPrivacyPolicy & SafetyHow YouTube worksTest new featuresNFL Sunday Ticket© 2023 Google LLC FUNCTION, 28

Garbage In, Toxics Out

theintercept.com — They Promised “Advanced Recycling” for Plastics and Delivered Toxic Waste GARBAGE, 29

GoGoGrandparent (YC S16) is hiring a senior/staff back end/full-stack engineer ycombinator.com

Byterat (YC W23) Is Hiring a Founding Engineer (San Francisco) ycombinator.com

Svix (YC W21) Is Hiring a Technical Lead (US Remote) svix.com