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No. 40726648Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 9:51 AM UTC
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Monitoring marine litter from space is now a reality

esa.int — Every 60 seconds the equivalent of a lorry-load of plastic enters the global ocean. Where it goes after that remains largely unknown. But a new ESA Discovery study reported in Nature Communications has proven the concept of monitoring floating plastic litter using satellites. MONITORING, 1

Slack Combines ASTs with LLMs to Automatically Convert 80% of 15,000 Unit Tests

infoq.com — InfoQ Homepage News Slack Combines ASTs with Large Language Models to Automatically Convert 80% of 15,000 Unit Tests SLACK, 2


kidpix.app — ←→ ↪ :( KIDPIX, 3

Fern Hollow Bridge should have been closed years before it collapsed

practical.engineering — [Note that this article is a transcript of the video embedded above.] FERN, 4

ExectOS – brand new operating system which derives from NT architecture

exectos.eu.org — ExectOS aims to be a stable and flexible, general purpose operating system written from scratch. It is designed to be modular, maintainable and compatible with existing software. It implements a brand new XT architecture and features own native application interface. On the backend, it contains a powerful driver model between device drivers and the kernel, that enables kernel level components to be upgraded without a need to recompile all drivers. EXECTOS, 5

Rethinking Open Source Generative AI: Open-Washing and the EU AI Act

opening-up-chatgpt.github.io — ⚡FAccT'24 paper⚡ Liesenfeld, Andreas, and Mark Dingemanse. 2024. ‘Rethinking Open Source Generative AI: Open-Washing and the EU AI Act’. In The 2024 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT ’24). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: ACM. (PDF). RETHINKING, 6

Rare twin elephants born in Thailand

bbc.com — An Asian elephant in central Thailand has given birth to a rare set of twins, in what caretakers have described as a miracle. RARE, 7

Open Source Python ETL

amphi.ai — Extract, transform and load data with low-code. Generate native Python code you can deploy anywhere. OPEN, 8

Off-path TCP hijacking in NAT-enabled Wi-Fi networks

apnic.net — By Yuxiang Yang on 18 Jun 2024 OFF-PATH, 9

Using a 1965 Dutch Rotary Phone via VoIP (T65) in 2024

raymii.org — Published: 14-06-2024 04:00 | Author: Remy van Elst | Text only version of this article USING, 10

Show HN: Billard – Generate music from ball collisions in 2D space

news.ycombinator.com — Hello HN! Here's Billard. It combines music and physics into a unique creative tool, as I explore various unconventional methods for generating music. BILLARD, 11

Show HN: Pomoglorbo, a TUI Pomodoro timer for your terminal

news.ycombinator.com — This started out as a fork of pydoro and turned into a playground for dataclasses and strict mypy type checking. Some of the advanced features are POMOGLORBO, 12

One year of solo dev, wrapping up the grant-funded work

marginalia.nu — A year ago I walked out of the office for the last time. I handed in my corpo laptop, said some good-byes, and since then I have been my own boss.This first year has been funded by an NLnet grant, which I’m in the midst of wrapping up. As of now, the work is all done, the final request for payment has been sent.There’s a similar last-day-of-school levity to both these events.The grant funded work ends but the search engine development does not end with it; the project is independently funded for a good while longer. Project runway runs out late 2026 if nothing changes.This post is an account of the experience, a retrospective of what’s been done, and a glimpse toward the future.Working like this is pretty special. I really don’t mind solo development, I never have. I don’t mind having cowo... ONE, 13

Large language model data pipelines and Common Crawl

christianperone.com — We have been training language models (LMs) for years, but finding valuable resources about the data pipelines commonly used to build the datasets for training these models is paradoxically challenging. It may be because we often take it for granted that these datasets exist (or at least existed? As replicating them is becoming increasingly difficult). However, one must consider the numerous decisions involved in creating such pipelines, as it can significantly impact the final model’s quality, as seen recently in the struggle of models aiming to replicate LLaMA (LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models). It might be tempting to think that now, with large models that can scale well, data is becoming more critical than modeling, since model architectures are not radically changing much. However, data has always been critical. LARGE, 14

The enduring mystery of how water freezes

quantamagazine.org — New simulations indicate that ice crystallization happens fastest — this slow-motion movie covers mere nanoseconds — when water is tuned to a critical point called the liquid-liquid transition. ENDURING, 15

Why Dolphin Isn't Coming to the App Store (Spoiler: It Needs a JIT)

daringfireball.net — “OatmealDome”, developer of an iOS fork of the GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin: WHY, 16

EU Council to Vote on Chat Scanning Proposal on Thursday

patrick-breyer.de — 🚨 Council to greenlight #Chatcontrol 2.0 on Thursday! 🚨Don‘t let them get away with quietly pushing this through right after the #EuropeanElections. Sound the alarm and contact the representatives of your government NOW! COUNCIL, 17

IPC in Rust – A Ping Pong Comparison

3tilley.github.io — I wanted to explore different ways of communicating between different processes executing on the same machine, and doing so as fast as possible. We're focussing on high speed inter-process communication (IPC), but some of these approaches can be extended across a network. We'll do this exploration in Rust. IPC, 18

Serialization for C# Games

chickensoft.games — Serialization is incredibly important to games, and often painfully difficult to implement well. Unless you just like building serializers, you may find yourself putting off developing a save/load system, especially if you need more than just a simple "what level am I on?" mechanism. SERIALIZATION, 19

Show HN: I made an open source and local translation app

news.ycombinator.com — A few years ago, right after high school, I decided to try to make a simultaneous translation app for Android as a side project, it took longer than expected (about 2 years) and I had to make a lot of compromises (I had to use Google's API and therefore make users use a developer key because at the time there were no free solutions for speech recognition and translation that had good quality). At the end of university, I decided to pick it up again and finally, using OpenAi's Whisper for speech recognition and Meta's NLLB for translation (with both running locally on the phone), I managed to make it free and totally open-source (as it was meant to be from the beginning). The app is still in beta, so I would love your feedback. MADE, 20

3D Gaussian Splatting as Markov Chain Monte Carlo

ubc-vision.github.io — Novel view reconstructions for (right) our method and (left) conventional 3D Gaussian Splatting with random initializations. Our method, even with random initialization, faithfully reconstructs the scene (e.g.. buildings at the back and the ground texture) providing much higher quality renderings. SPLATTING, 21

Refusal in language models is mediated by a single direction

arxiv.org — arXivLabs is a framework that allows collaborators to develop and share new arXiv features directly on our website. REFUSAL, 22

All Aquiver: The Decadent Movement

aeon.co — The Three Brides (1892-93) by Jan Toorop. Courtesy the Kröller-Müller Museum, Netherlands ALL, 23

Linux China, which supported the Chinese open source community, has ended

linux.cn — 这是一个艰难的决定 —— 这不是调侃,而是当你真正做出改变了你十几年生活轨迹的决定时,你就会明白这个决定确实艰难。 LINUX, 24

Does anybody know this fractal? (2012)

gibney.org — Experimenting with the "divisibility" of complex numbers, I stumbled across this thingy. It looks like a fractal. Although the formula does not do any iterations. It reminds me of something. But I dont know what. Doing a Google image search brings up a couple of galaxies :) This image shows the region from (-1/-1) to (1/1). You can click it to see a 4000x4000 pixel rendering of it. Is this some known structure? Or some variation of another mathematical object that has a name? DOES, 25

Tiny beauty: how I make scientific art from behind the microscope

nature.com — Steve Gschmeissner images tiny creatures and viruses to show the public an unseen world TINY, 26

'Equals' has more than one meaning in math

sciencealert.com — There are some pretty nebulous concepts in mathematics that can be hard to wrap your head around, but the meaning of 'equals' was one we thought we had covered. EQUALS, 27

A common misunderstanding about wave-particle duality

chemistryworld.com — Instead of treating quantum particles as shape-shifters, we should think in terms of probability distributions COMMON, 28

In Praise of 5-Over-1 Buildings (2019)

commonedge.org — Although it was originally published in 2019, this essay by Randy Nishimura, lightly updated, serves as a rebuttal of sorts to Duo Dickinson’s recent Common Edge piece,“The Architectural Pandemic of the ‘Stick Frame Over Podium’ Building.” Dickinson likens the building type to a plague; Nishimura offers a contrarian’s perspective. PRAISE, 29

Hadrius (YC W23) is hiring engineers looking to grow into future founders ycombinator.com

Ubicloud (YC W24) is hiring a founding engineer for "managed Kubernetes service" ycombinator.com

Suiteness (YC S16) Is Hiring for TypeScript/Qwik ycombinator.com