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Ssheven: A modern SSH client for Mac OS 7-9

github.com — A modern SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9 SSHEVEN, 1

Vaporwave was created then destroyed by the internet (2016)

esquire.com — Writing about vaporwave in 2016 is almost impossible. Neophytes often seem baffled by the genre, assuming they've heard of it at all. Meanwhile, fans insist that vaporwave is dead. How do you write about music that most people have never heard of and that fans claim doesn't exist any more? Or just as important: why? VAPORWAVE, 2

Why printers add secret tracking dots (2020)

bbc.com — BBC Future has brought you in-depth and rigorous stories to help you navigate the current pandemic, but we know that’s not all you want to read. So now we’re dedicating a series to help you escape. We’ll be revisiting our most popular features from the last three years in our Lockdown Longreads. WHY, 3

Lang Jam: create a programming language in a weekend

github.com — Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. LANG, 4

Creating a DOOM-inspired aesthetic with PlayCanvas

omarshehata.me — Last week I made a game called Death's Clutch in 10 days for a game jam hosted by Newgrounds. Making it was a lot of fun because it involved a lot of customized rendering like making DOOM-inspired 2D billboards that move in 3D, or hacking PlayCanvas's material system to get stylized lighting. CREATING, 5

TikTok and the Future of Social Media

atthis.linkTIKTOK, 6

Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results (2020)

locusmag.com — In “Full Employment“, my July 2020 column, I wrote, “I am an AI skeptic. I am baffled by anyone who isn’t. I don’t see any path from continuous improvements to the (admittedly impressive) ‘machine learning’ field that leads to a general AI any more than I can see a path from continuous improvements in horse-breeding that leads to an internal combustion engine.” PAST, 7

The Pleasures of Tsundoku: How I learned to stop worrying and love book piles

lithub.com — Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature PLEASURES, 8

Download a CSV of your Amazon purchases

amazon.comDOWNLOAD, 9


ertdfgcvb.xyz — ASCII play a project by ertdfgcvb About/Manual Run Cmd+Enter Immediate mode Cmd+I Toggle view Cmd+Period Fullscreen Cmd+Shift+F Copy a frame Cmd+Shift+C Save Cmd+S Share Cmd+Shift+U Download script L.S.D. Examples basics Coordinates: index Coordinates: x, y Cursor How to draw a circle How to draw a square How to log Name game Perfomance test Canvas renderer Sequence export Simple output Time: frames Time: milliseconds sdf Balls Circle Wireframe cube Rectangles Two circles demos Chroma Spiral Donut Doom Flame Doom Flame (full color) Dyna Golgol Hotlink Mod Xor Moiré explorer Numbers Plasma Sin Sin Sin Sin Spiral Wobbly camera Camera double resolution Camera grayscale Camera RGB contributed Color Waves EQUAL TEA TALK, #65 oeö GOL Pathfinder Sand game Slime Dish Stacked sin waves ASCII, 10

Air – Live reload when developing with Go

github.com — Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. AIR, 11

Restaurant prices in the 19th and 20th centuries (2009)

restaurant-ingthroughhistory.com — Restaurant prices in the 19th century (followed by 20th, below) RESTAURANT, 12

We Still Don’t Get Things Done

wired.com — Back in 2010, Walter Chen and Rodrigo Guzman had a weird idea: a website where you write down the stuff you accomplished that day, and which then emails you a summary. It would be a productivity tool that worked by a neat psychological hack, impressing yourself with your daily wins. “Often you discover that you’ve done more than you gave yourself credit for,” Chen says. “And this kind of motivates you—inspires you!” STILL, 13

What if JavaScript had a synchronous async flavor?

guido.io — When writing asynchronous javascript your code will contain a bunch of await and async, Promises and maybe callbacks. WHAT, 14

How hard is it to get counting right?

substack.com — The thesis of Desystemize, in one sentence: it takes a lot of work for a number to mean anything and we largely aren’t doing it. That’s a simplified version that leaves a lot to explore. There are domains where this happens more and less, approximations that are better and worse, failure cases that are bounded and failure cases without end. And it’s not just numbers, really - it’s the abstractions we create to scale up our knowledge that go bad, with numbers more of a symptom than a cause. But at the end of the day, our mission is to inject detail into systems that don’t mean as much as they think they do. HARD, 15

Ian Manuel, survivor of excessive child punishment, tells his story

eji.org — At age 13, Ian Manuel was arrested and charged with a nonhomicide offense that resulted in him being sentenced to die in a Florida prison. IAN, 16

I was a teacher for 17 years, but couldn't read or write

bbc.co.uk — John Corcoran grew up in New Mexico in the US during the 1940s and 50s. One of six siblings, he graduated from high school, went on to university, and became a teacher in the 1960s - a job he held for 17 years. But, as he explains here, he hid an extraordinary secret. WAS, 17

An Elastic Model of the Holding Power of Rock Climbing Anchors

mit.edu — Introduction Modeling SLCDs in Parallel Cracks The Rigid Model--Explaining How Camming Devices Work The Elastic Model--Materials Failure Modes Implications of the Model Introduction Fig. 1 (80K) Spring loaded camming devices (SLCDs) are a type of anchor that rock climbers use to connect themselves to cracks or other irregularies in a rock cliff. These devices work through a combination of the wedge principle and friction: once the cams are placed in a crack, any force pulling the cams down causes the cams to press tightly against the crack walls, generating a frictional force that retards the downward pull. Figure 1 (80K) shows a typical SLCD placed in a test fixture crack. Springs built into the device (not visible) keep the cams snug against the walls. Any downward load appl... ELASTIC, 18

American Medical Association: Remove Sex from Public Birth Certificates

webmd.com — June 16, 2021 -- Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates, the American Medical Association (AMA) said Monday. AMERICAN, 19

Don't Become an Enterprise/IT Architect–Strategist

rna.nl — … really: don’t. It’s going to be nasty business. DON'T, 20

Show HN: Viewfinder – Virtualized browsers for your web app

github.com — 📷 ViewFinder - Remote isolated browser API for security, automation visibility and interactivity. RBI. CBII. Remote browser isolation, embeddable BrowserView, secure chrome-as-a-service. Managed, variable bandwidth and co-browsing options available in Pro versions. Like S2, WebGap, Bromium, Authentic8, Menlo Security and Broadcom, but free and … VIEWFINDER, 21

Where has all the productivity gone?

johndcook.com — Balaji Srinivasan asks in a Twitter thread why we’re not far more productive given the technology available. Here I collect the five possible explanations he mentions. WHERE, 22

William S. Burroughs in New York

cromwell-intl.com — William Seward Burroughs was one of the earliest members of the "Beat Generation" authors. He was born in Missouri and died in Kansas, and was said to always sound like a Midwesterner, but he famously lived and wrote in New York and Paris as well as more exotic locales such as Tangier. Most of his writing was simultaneously surrealist and autobiographical, which immediately tells you something about him. Here are pictures and stories of the places where he lived and hung out in New York, covering the period from when he first took up residence there in 1939 through his "Bunker years" of 1974-1981. WILLIAM, 23

Txiki.js: Tiny JavaScript runtime built with QuickJS and libuv

github.com — The tiny JavaScript runtime built with QuickJS, libuv and ❤️ TXIKI.JS, 24

Blizzard's reputation collapsed in just three years

pcgamer.com — Blizzard's recently publicized sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed by the state of California is just the latest in a long string of controversies. Between massive layoffs, numerous reports on its toxic workplace, and highly anticipated launches reportedly sabotaged by mismanagement, the last few years have dramatically altered the perception of what used to be PC gaming's darling developer. BLIZZARD, 25

The Retrocomputing Archive

retroarchive.orgRETROCOMPUTING, 26

One-Thousand Year-Old Plants

nytimes.com — Events in the genome of Welwitschia have given it the ability to survive in an unforgiving desert for thousands of years. ONE-THOUSAND, 27

Faster CRDTs: An Adventure in Optimization

josephg.com — A few years ago I was really bothered by an academic paper. FASTER, 28

The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure

reuters.com — Bales of plastic waste piled up at advanced recycling firm Renewlogy in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 18, 2021. The company said its technology could turn hard-to-recycle plastic garbage into diesel fuel. REUTERS/George Frey RECYCLING, 29

Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring workable.com

Compose.ai (YC W21) Is Hiring a Senior Front End Engineer ycombinator.com

Zendar (YC S17) is hiring a platform software engineer ashbyhq.com